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Conditons of Sale

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Antique toys and oddities
Claus Peter Jörger
Neue Kantstr. 11
D-14057 Berlin
Fon: 0049-30-32701633
Fax: 0049-30-8837319

VAT ID: DE 135997230
Tax Office Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany

1. General

Our sales and business conditions apply to all contracts closed between us and our customers. With the placing of an order or the acceptance of the ordered item the buyer affirms these conditions of sale.

Deviating business declarations / agreements by the customer are considered as rejected even if we contradict these not expressly and fulfil the contract nevertheless.

An order, a verbal or telephonic arrangement are only then effective for us if they were confirmed by us.

The contract only becomes effective with our confirmation availability of the item.

2. Order procedure

To order please send us an email or fill out the order form under specification of the item number, the price and the ordering or ship-to-address. Receival of your order will be confirmed by email.

3. Prices

All our prices are in Euro and understand themselves including the legal VAT or the partial value added tax which is not indicated on the invoice.

Shipment of these lots to countries outside the European Union and to countries inside the European Union with the VAT-Identification-Number are deducted by the amount of VAT included.

An invoice can be attached when needed.

4. Shipping

We sent the ordered item to you only after we received the full payment. Postal charges depend on the rates of the “Deutsche Post” (German Postal Service). On demand we use the postal service of your choice; in that case the postal rates depend on them. We pay the packaging for you!

If the order value reaches an amount of 150,- Euro (or higher) we pay the shipping cost (within the European Union) for you.

General shipping fee information you will find here.

If there are damages caused by the transportation the claim has to be made immediately at the postal service that was used.

5. Payment

We accept personal checks and postal money orders or Visa / Mastercard as means of payment.

6. The right of withdrawal
(§ 312b et seqq. German Civil Code)

Naturally we give the right of withdrawal for customers in distance trading according to § 312 et seqq. German Civil Code.

The right of withdrawal / revocation instruction

The buyer can revocate the contract within two weeks without giving reasons
in text form (f.e. by letter, email, fax etc.) or by the return of the goods.

The time limit begins earliest with this notification. To ensure the right of withdrawal it is enough to send the revocation notification or the goods within the time limit. The revocation notification has to be send to: or

Claus Peter Jörger
Neue Kantstr. 11
D-14057 Berlin

In the case of an effective revocation the given services have to be rewarded. If the buyer can not give back the goods in total or in parts respectivaly only in degredated condition the buyer has to compensate the seller with a refund.

This is not effective when the degredation of the goods left to the customer only is a result of testing it like it could has been done in our shop.

The buyer can incidentally avoid the compensation by not using the good as if it was his own and if the customer does not anything to degredate the value of the good.

Goods transportable as a parcel have to be resend on our cost and on our risk. Goods which are not transportable as a parcel will be picked up at your place. The duty of refunding a payment you have to fulfil within 30 days after your return declaration.

7. Guarantee

We guarantee that everything is old, original and usually unique. Easy deviations between original and photographs are unfortunately inevitable.

For all our items can a valid experts assessment be issued when desired.

8. Rental of requisites

For the rental of requisites we charge a fee of 10 % of the value of the rented goods per month or part thereof. Additionally we need a deposit in the full amount of the value of the rented goods for the whole rental period. To fulfil this requirement it is possible to deposit a check.

The customer commits himself to insure the goods in a proper way.

The value of the goods or a part of it will be taken from the deposit in case of not returning or damaging the goods; this is not effective if an insurance company takes over the responsability.

Rental of requsites is only for use within Germany.

9. Reprinting

Reprinting or other electronic use of our pictures is subject to written permission. Any commercial use is forbidden. All rights reserved.

10. Data Security

The customers data is stored in the context of the data processing for the conclusion of the contract as well as for the simplified handling of future orders (the data will not be accessible from the Internet!). Under no circumstances we will transfer the data to any third party.

The customer has a right of information as well as a right to correction and deletion of his stored data.

To do so you can send an email to or you can call us during the opening hours (mo-fr 13-19 h + sa 12-17 h) under following number: 0049 – 30- 327 016 33.

If personal data are used in any form other than for the purpose or execution of the contract necessarily, a permission from the customer will be taken in advance.

11. Security

We use a RSA SSL 1024 bit encryption every time you send any personal information either by ordering an item or getting in contact using our provided forms.

12. Agreement on jurisdiction

The legal venue for contracts between traders is Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany. Consumers are subject to the legal regulations. German law applies.

13. Languages

Our conditions of sale are available in the following languages: German and English.

14. Miscellaneous

Should any part of our conditions of sale become ineffective the other parts will not be touched by that.

updated june 2005

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